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Online Safety and Security

Learn to stay safe while on the web

  • Computer viruses and threats

    If a virus makes it to your computer, it can erase your files, send emails without your permission or even communicate sensitive info to criminals. View
  • Be aware of your privacy online

    Many of the websites we use everyday depend on knowing as much as they can about us.  View
  • Creating Strong and Secure Passwords

    Often, there is really only one thing standing between your sensitive information and criminals - your password View
  • How to know if a website is secure

    These days websites make security a priority, but it is hard to know when a website is secure, or what makes it so. View
  • 4 ways to help teens avoid digital harassment

    Digital harassment happens when teens use texts, instant messages, emails, and social media posts to keep tabs on or threaten someone else. It usually involves two people in a close relationship. Here are 4 ways to help teens avoid digital harassment. View
  • Protecting kids's privacy online

    Today's kids are constantly sending texts, posting to social networks, and uploading photos for their friends to see. But their online lives aren't always as private as they think. Get tips on how you can protect your kids' personal privacy online. View
  • 8 rules for safe smartphone use

    So you got your kid a smartphone. Now what? Here are eight rules for safe smartphone use. View